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Being a mobile PEMF practitioner, I see all kinds of performance problems, wether you have a bad knee or if your horse is recovering from surgery. Let me assist your animals on their road to recovery.

 If your goal is long term health and natural healing, we can put a customized plan together to fit your horses needs. Contact me for pricing and to get your equine athletes scheduled.



Kinesiology taping can assist restore fascia to its intended state, by stimulating the hair follicle directly, assisting with, swelling, inflammation, and pain. People use this method on human athletes often because it can be extremely beneficial if applied correctly. After being studied and adapted for horses it can be just as beneficial for them.


PEMF for Horses, Pets, and People

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields therapy works on a cellular level, allowing each cell wall to become more permeable. Making it easier to restore proper blood-flow and remove toxins inside the cell, allowing the body to return to homeostasis in optimal condition. The result of this is increased circulation in the whole body, reducing pain and inflammation.


Herbal Alternatives

I always carry with me 30 different herbal remedy blends that are prepared in a lab under the best conditions. All the herbs are carefully selected from across the world, ensuring the highest quality and best outcome. If theres a specific issue in mind, we can supply it, but horses are keen on knowing what they need from the earth and being able to identify which blend they need on their own.


My horse has struggled with SI and back pain for years, trying to manage it has been difficult despite all my efforts, PEMF is one of the few therapies I've tried that not only helps, but that my horse visibly enjoys, you can watch the pain melt away from his face with every treatment. 

-Brye Eberling

"Sophie always knows each of my horses histories of the top of her head and knows every one by name. The results I've seen with PEMF in my horses are undeniable, they are noticable different after every session.

- Hayley Lee

"I’ve recently had a horse with a horrible laceration on its shoulder. Big enough to put your hand in. The top half was stitched up and the bottom was left open to drain. Day 1 I went was about a week after it happened and there was a lot of swelling and not much drainage. When I went 2 days later no swelling and a lot of drainage!! After 8 sessions it’s almost healed! 


"My 5 yr old 1/2 Arabian has endured two laid down surgeries for Canker.. second surgery included total debridement of his heal bulb and frog on his worst foot.. 3 feet were affected. He was treated with Magnawave and the laser and the results speak for themselves! This is his worst food pictured in a span of 3 months."


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