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What is PEMF?

P- pulsed

E- electro

M- magnetic

F- fields PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields, the coil produces a signal, or “pulse” which has its own magnetic field. The device works on a cellular level. The signal travels up to 16 inches from the coil, and penetrates muscles, ligaments, tissues, and even bones. When the signal reaches a cell, it helps the cell function normally while making the cell wall more permeable. In return we get better oxygenation in the blood which effectively removes toxins and inflammation from the body. PEMF therapy works similar to a deep tissue massage, but also increases circulation even after that session is over.

PEMF therapy was originally used for astronauts, when they left earth’s magnetic field when in space they would get sick, but by recreating a magnetic field they were able to counteract that. In today’s society we face similar problems, we live and work in concrete or metal buildings, blocking us from the earths magnetic field. We wear rubber souled shoes and drive cars with rubber tires, which are excellent conductors, but sufficiently block us from the earths magnetic field. This is one of the reasons you feel better when in nature, you are exposed to earths magnetic field as your body was intended to be. But by using the same frequency as the earths magnetic field, and with a containedcoil and energy output level, we can mimic what the earth wants done naturally to our bodies.


Magnawave Academy

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