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Calming Acupressure Point

PEMF therapy helps to stimulate acupressure points as you move the coil around the body. We can focus on certain areas to target acupressure points directly, that can cause a greater affect.

The acupressure points for a calming affect are located in three different spots. The poll, Gall Bladder 1 (GB 1), and Triple Heater Meridian 5(TH 5) all have a calming affect. You can treat these points manually with your hands, directly with acupuncture(if trained), with magnets, or with PEMF therapy to get the desired affect.

  • GB 1- Gall Bladder 1 is located near the corner of the eye and runs towards the poll. The Gall Bladder Meridian is associated with decision making and judgement. GB 1 is known to brighten the eyes and associated benefits for eye problems, and facial paralysis.

  • TH 5- The Triple Heater Meridian is located at the top of the chestnut, between the radius and ulna bones. This point is a connecting point, and is responsible for clearing heat. Some of the other benefits of treating this point are febrile issues, strengthening of sinews(fibrous tissue like tendons or ligaments), and relieving pain.

  • PC 6- Pericardium Meridian also known as PE 6, located medially on the foreleg near the chestnut. The Pericardium Meridian is responsible for being the protector of the heart. This point is also known to be a connecting point. Regulating the heart, calming the spirit and clearing the mind. Some of the benefits associated with this point are helping with severe agitation, asthma, and pain in the elbow or lower limb.

Other points known for helping with anxiety are-

  • HT 7- Spirits Gate

  • BI 15 - Hearts Transport

  • PC 6- Inner Gate

  • PC 7- Big Mound


Magnawave Academy

Acu-horse by Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow

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